COVID-19: What We Are Doing To Help

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To all of our valued clients,

We want to start off by thanking everyone for their patience and understanding while we navigate through this difficult time. We have implemented a lot of new protocols and procedures to help ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and patients and we are truly grateful for everyone's continued support with this. 

We have been deemed an essential service in Ontario under "Urgent Care Only" which means we will continue with our regular business hours but please be aware, our goal is not "business as usual" but rather being able to continue to provide services important to our patients immediate health and well being while contributing to physical distancing efforts. As all of you know, things are changing rapidly day to day so please continue to check your e-mails, facebooks, instagrams and our website for the most up to date information about our clinic. 

We have implemented some new protocols so please read carefully:

  • To follow the requirements of physical distancing, ALL clients are to call before coming into the clinic for appointments, food & medications pick ups, or general inquiries. We will be doing all appointments and food/medication pick ups as curbside drop-offs & pick-ups. Payments will be taken via credit card over the phone. *If you are unable to do payment over the phone or need to come in please call before and one of our staff members will be happy to inform you on how to proceed.

  • Please be aware that we are placing importance on essential procedures and services during this time. Essential procedures, as described by OVMA, include "those that are required to alleviate animal pain and suffering, to prevent imminent threat of death of the animal and matters pertaining to public health (e.g. vaccination against rabies)." Please see chart below on elective vs. essential procedures and services. 

  • If you need to come in, and have spoken to a staff member on how to proceed, please keep 2 meters (~6 ft) of distance between you and the staff or other clients (our staff will do the same).

  • Anyone who has spoken to a staff member and is able to enter the clinic must use the hand sanitizer provided at the front door before entering and advise the staff if they have recently travelled, been in contact with someone who has travelled, are sick, or have been in contact with someone who is sick in the last 14 days.

  • Anyone who has traveled in the last 2 weeks or has been in contact with someone who has traveled in the last 2 weeks will not be permitted to enter the clinic at all. Please contact us about our strict guidelines on how appointments will be conducted in these situations.

  • Anyone who is exhibiting signs of illness or in contact with someone who is ill will not be permitted to enter the clinic. Please contact us about our strict guidelines on how appointments will be conducted in these situations. *Please be assured that if you fall within these above categories but your pet requires veterinary care, we will still help you take care of your pet. Just contact us prior to your appointment so we can make the required arrangements. 

  • Only 1 client is permitted to come in to the clinic at a time (with or without a pet) after speaking with a staff member over the phone to go over proper protocol. If a 2nd person is needed to assist the owner please inform us in advance. 

  • Extra disinfecting on all surfaces in the clinic daily.

  • Separating appointments by 10-15 mins.

  • Separating our waiting room area & chairs to allow for proper distancing between clients.

  • We want to remind everyone of the new service we are offering - video consult appointmentsThis will be evaluated on a case by case basis depending on the concerns your pet is presenting and the doctors discretion. It will be a discounted fee of $73.72 + tax.

Once again, It is unlikely you are able to get COVID-19 from your infected dog. They are considered surface carriers, similar to contracting it from touching any other surface. Cats and ferrets may be able to spread it to people. This is considered to be a human virus so our pets are not known to become sick from it.  We do not know yet the full clinical susceptibility some animals have to COVID-19 so please still be cautious when handling your pets. Continue to practice social distancing (such as daycares, dog park, keeping cats indoors, etc...) but you can still take your dog(s) for walks as long as you keep 2 meters of distance between you and others. Please stay home if you feel sick and continue to wash your hands often.  

To learn more about COVID-19 and your pets, please click the link below to head to Dr. Cliff's segment on Global TVs The Morning Show that was aired Thursday March 19th (Interview Link) or head to the CDC's website to learn more. 

If you have travelled, been sick, or in contact with someone who has travelled or been sick in the last 2 weeks and your pet is in need of veterinary attention please give the clinic a call at 905-294-7387 to discuss how we are still able to help. We have implemented the requirements of our governing bodies to ensure our staff, patients, and clients safety while still being able to provide care for our patients. If you or any household member (including other close contacts of the animal) have experienced respiratory disease then please complete the Ontario self-assessment tool:

Please give us a call or email to discuss any concerns you may have. We are here to help and want to do our part in keeping all of our clients and patients safe and healthy. Please stay safe, stay home and continue washing your hands frequently! 


Dr. Cliff & the Wellington Team